Jun 20, 2014

Coming Soon....

Pardon my absence, it has been pretty crazy around here. But like always, I appreciate the support. I wanted to let you know what I had coming soon...and no it is not a baby :)

1. Great feature on amazing ETSY site.
2. List of free books to download on a nook (I have read 40 in the last 6 months) - So I want to share the good ones
3. Feature on my blog design (gotta give those ladies a great shout out)
4. Another awesome craft project from Darby Smart...they were crazy enough to give me something that burns wood
5. Intern tips - I know this is out of my "box" for this blog, but I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge being an intern at one point and now being a mentor for our intern.

So stay tuned...more coming this weekend

May 10, 2014

Nail(ed) It!

No sugar coating it, I have been pretty busy. We have had a heavy load at work and the soccer season just wrapped up. So we are moving on to planning our summer projects and trips. Not to mention we are still training the new puppy Bailey. 

All this craziness means I spend less time getting ready and more time doing other things. One thing I never do is take care of my nails. Never had any real interests in them. This is probably due to the fact I grew up dancing, therefore we were not suppose to have polish on for performances. What is ironic is that my older sister does them as a profession, but I barley ever get them done. Plus I don't see the point in spending the money. 

But I got a message from a friend back home who has started selling Jamberry. Have you heard of this? I hadn't, but since she is a friend I knew it had to be interesting enough to look into. Well simply put it is a quick solution to having pretty nails...aka it is the solution for the girl who can't paint nails. (ME)

I got a pack and within 10 minutes had a 2 week manicure that I did not have to worry about chipping. Plus it is really affordable, way cheaper then going to the salon. 

I cannot tell you how many times I got complimented - at the grocery store, while checking out at the mall, friends...so many said how cool and pretty they looked. Little did they know it only took a few minutes & that I did it myself! 

I highly recommend this company and if you are interested in learning more, check out Carly's website. 

May 1, 2014

In an Instant

1. Bailey enjoyed her first Easter hunting eggs
2. Who doesn't like a Mexican Coke every now & then?
3. Put up a little decor in the house
4. Beautiful view of Tulsa
5. Words to live by
6. Dallas & I at the last regular season Thunder Game
7. Did a fun tv interview with my pals over at KAUT
8. Enjoying a late night walk w/Bella
9. Bailey being her cute self (She is the best traveler)

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Apr 29, 2014

Can't Steal Our Thunder

Photography: Komorebi Photography
So you might have heard about this thing called the "NBA Playoffs." It just happens to be a big deal around these neck of the woods. When I first moved to Oklahoma in 2007 the Thunder was just getting here. I had no idea who they were or the impact they would soon make in my "new home town." If people asked me what team I was rooting for, I would say "The Lakers." Okay stop booing me that was the team I grew up watching with my Dad. 

The Thunder quickly became a huge part of our city's culture and the team members became true community leaders. We truly were blessed with an amazing group of men and I know for a fact that this city backs me up on that statement. We love our team! 

Going to Thunder games is truly our favorite date nights. We both enjoy being at the Peake and being part of the crowd cheering on our home team. Don't get me wrong, my husband still loves his Sooner Football, but for me I am more interested in basketball. 

We know we are very lucky here in Oklahoma to have a pretty amazing team, our state was really gotten behind them and showed their support from the beginning. It is pretty awesome being part of a community that all cheers for the same team, where back in California I grew up with people supporting The Lakers, The Clippers, The Kinds & The Warriors. 

Heck, we also have way cuter shirts then those other teams do! So here's to our team playing tonight & beating Memphis! 

Outfit Breakdown: 
Top: Shop Good (Local)
Jeans: Target
Shoes: Nike
Cardigan: Old Navy